Lionel Messi speaks English for first time in ‘awe-inspiring’ advert with Ted Lasso… but not all is as it seems

Argentina captain’s three-word reply left fans in hysterics

LIONEL MESSI has joined Ted Lasso actor Jason Sudekis and NFL icon Dan Marino in a football-themed advert for the Superbowl.

The World Cup winner is the main star of the ad, showcasing his iconic s𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁s on a beach in front of awestruck fans.

Lionel Messi stars in a superbowl advert for Michelob Ultra beer

Lionel Messi stars in a superbowl advert for Michelob Ultra beerCredit: Youtube / Michelob ULTRA
Jason Sudekis also features in the ad

Jason Sudekis also features in the adCredit: Youtube / Michelob ULTRA
NFL icon Dan Marino also makes a cameo

NFL icon Dan Marino also makes a cameoCredit: Youtube / Michelob ULTRA

After approaching a bar, Messi asks for a Michelob Ultra beer but is stopped when the tap breaks.

The barmaid in the advert then asks if he would like a different beer, but the 36-year-old responds: “No no no, Michelob Ultra.”

Fans have been left stunned by Messi’s appearance in the advert, with some highlighting his apparent reluctance to speak in English.

One person tweeted: “Messi’s utter refusal to force out even a ‘hello’ and do a Superbowl ad in pure Rosarino Spanish is just awe-inspiring.”

Another added: “He’s determined never to speak a non-Spanish word in public and I respect the hell out of that.”

While a third wrote: “Lionel Messi’s Super Bowl ad with Jason Sudeikis and Dan Marino is simply PERFECT.”

According to The Mail, the Michelob Ultra Superbowl advert cost around £11million to make.

It also features Ted Lasso star Sudekis, who joked that he and Messi ‘go way back’.

NFL Hall of Famer Marino is another big name that features.

Messi has become a huge star in the US since joining Inter Miami last summer.

The forward has scored 11 goals in 14 games since making the move to the MLS side.


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