Shakira’s Risqué Fishnet Outfit on Fallon Sparks Interest, While Boyfriend Gerard Bans Model Collaborations

t’s impossible to erase the memory of Shakira’s steamy performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show last Tuesday.

Shakira made a bold statement on Tuesday evening while appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show. She donned a daring ensemble, consisting of fishnet stockings, black boots reaching up to her knees, and a black bra.

As Shakira stepped onto the stage, she greeted the audience with a lively wave, clearly thrilled by her daring wardrobe choice.

Shakira is currently in the spotlight as she promotes her new album called “Shakira”. As we all know, her hips don’t lie and her fans are eagerly awaiting to hear her latest music.

Sassy: Shakira’s daring outfit might have raised eyebrows, but she was confident that her beau Gerard wouldn’t have minded. It came as a surprise when she disclosed that he has prohibited her from collaborating with attractive models.

Shakira’s stage act at Burlesque resembled that of a Pussycat Doll, with her sensual moves and gyrations.

Achieving remarkable publicity: During the show, Jimmy Fallon displayed Shakira’s LP cover, which undoubtedly brought immense delight to the singer’s recording label.

Shakira’s latest performance on the show was nothing short of daring as she went all out with her latest single.

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